About Us

How I started ...

I started practicing as a child. I was very curious about the asanas (physical postures) and I tried my best to understand them. Growing up I wanted to go deeper. In 2002 I experienced a month of practice and understanding yoga at Patanjali Yoga Vidya Peed (Chalakkudi, Kerala). At that time I never imagined I would become a teacher...

Practice is everything - teaching experience & qualifications

Then yoga naturally became a very important part of my life.

          After my studies I joined to practice with my cousin Mr Manoj Krishann ( Dr. Kiran's-www.ayurvedainindien.com) in Kovalam. Then he left India to settle in Sweden so I got the opportunity to start teaching. Dr Kiran gave me the opportunity to start teaching Yoga in 2007

          2010 : Teacher Training course at Sivananda Ashram (Neyyardam). I also start teaching at a 5 star resort :www.niraamaya.com

          2011 : 6 months in Moscow training with Игорь Долбышев (we call him Haridas) he is an amazing Ashtanga teacher. often I travelled a lot in India especially Mysore and Rishikesh to experience & study different styles of practice. I continued teaching on & off.

          2011 : Certificate Course in Yoga meditation & Personality development (YMC3001) at SRC-IGNOU Community College, Trivandrum.

          2015 : I joined as a Morning Asana teacher trainer at www.padmakarma.com and teaching at those schools https://www.santhiyoga.co.in/ & https://sivasoorya.org/

          I trained more than 1000 individuals to become a Yoga Professionals internationally & nationally. I’m registered with Yoga Alliance USA as an Experienced Yoga Teacher ( Id No :317320 )

          2021 : opened AshtaVidya Yoga School in Trivandrum

Who inspired me...

I got the chance to meet and learn from many wonderful legends, such as Swami Samarpan in Rishikesh. He inspires me spiritually and answered many of my questions.

In 2006 I joined to practice at Sivananda Yoga centre at Trivandrum with Mr Das, he taught me to understand more.

The most important man in my yoga journey is my Beloved Guru Sri Jose Mathew (Yogamukthi Iyengar Yoga center in Cochin). In the beginning of 2016 I started the journey under his guidance & continues to inspire me a lot both personally and professionally.

Vision & intentions

With all those years of practice and teaching, I found yoga is a great science and a complete art. Asanas are the key to open the layers in your body and see the innermost function of the self. To experience this level of knowledge practicing asanas is fundamental. Every human has lots of power and potential within, you don't need to look outside actually. Once you understand that theory you never wait for some miracle to happen... you are discovering and building yourself through the practice. If you work on asanas you will progressively interconnect the body with the mind and the breath. By feeling this unity you will understand there is far more of you to explore.

Please take some time to understand the methodology I use to teach. Whatever your physical condition you have believe me there is always a different option. We are all stored with bounds of strengths and energy. Believing in yourself brings great hope in life, on and off the mat.

The way I teach is aimed to entertain and encourage students, to stay motivated and carry a continuous & progressive practice. Whether you are beginning or deepening your journey in yoga, there is something more for you to learn and I'm always available if you want to deepen a subject or need answers.

You can read testimonials and reviews from my students here

Why I opened AshtaVidya School of Yoga

Many times in my life there has been occasions where I had to stop practice yoga because of some injury for example. I was really interested to know why yoga practitioners get injured and how it could be prevented. Later in my journey I understood many things in my practice that I now want to pass on to my students.

Yes I have been teaching many years as a yoga instructor at Teacher Trainings or some intensive practice but there was no regular training: maybe a month or two weeks. It became frustrating and I wanted to experience a continuous connection with my students.

Since Covid and lockdown came in March 2020 everything was finished: it was impossible to teach normal in person classes. At that time a student asked me to give her a lesson online. I really didn't want to do it because I want to teach properly by observing & adjusting the student safely. But unfortunately, I had to survive this situation... so I said yes.

Surprisingly, it made me gain confidence and affirm that practice is essential, so I designed online group classes since April 2020 and intensive workshops since August 2020. I took this crisis as an opportunity to challenge my teaching and to pass on what I had learn despite obstacles. The thing that makes me so happy is to see many regular students coming, no matter the circumstances in their life. I feel so proud to see the progress in their practice. It is very fulfilling as a teacher to follow their journey and it can only happen if you get committed students. Actually that's the main reason why I opened my school in Trivandrum because regularly seeing the students makes all the difference. It is my dream and my deepest intention to make your practice meaningful.

The name AshtaVidya honors the knowledge of the 8 limbs of Yoga, as described in Lord Patanjali's classical text Yoga sutras.